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Updated: Jun 8, 2022

The decision to start a short-term rental came easily – but only after things got a little hard. Analyzing our new space (we live in the top half of a duplex), my husband Jay and I knew we were going to rent the downstairs. A ton of work had to be done. Then, the pandemic hit.

This experience provided us the opportunity to think about the space, what we wanted it to offer, and to whom. It was deconstructed and put back together as a new, functional, beautiful home. I had a vision of what I wanted, so I scoured the city looking for all the right pieces. I put it together much like a puzzle; when a piece did not fit, I found another one that did. Oddly, the pandemic provided me the time to slow down and imagine….

When we reached the end of the remodel, I turned to Jay and said, “there is no way I want someone in this space 365 days a year”. He agreed. It had become my baby. I had just transformed my first short-term rental.

Now what? Then came the curve of learning all the ins and outs of marketing on the various platforms as well as promoting the things that make your rental unique. Alaska is an amazing place to visit, and travelers do not spend too much time indoors when they are here. However, when you are done exploring the magic of Alaska, you want to return to a place of comfort and joy. That space is here – at Eden on E Street. As one guest remarked, “Eden on E Street is truly Heaven on Earth.” I couldn’t agree more.

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