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Is It Dark All of the Time?

Updated: Jun 14, 2022

As a fifth generation Alaskan, you can imagine the questions I get asked from those that have never experienced our great State. One of the most frequent questions is, “Is it dark all the time”? The answer of course, is no!

At the winter solstice in Anchorage, we have approximately 5 hours of daylight. Yes, this can be discouraging to some, but there is plenty to keep you busy that time of year. We have several urban skiing slopes, and only 30 minutes from the world-renown Alyeska Resort in Girdwood. Eden on E Street and The Fo’c’sle on Folker are steps from accessing over 100 miles of trail system within the Anchorage bowl. Cross-country skiing abounds, along with skijoring, skate-skiing, winter cycling, and dog sledding! If being outside is not your jam, believe me, Anchorage has plenty to do inside during the winter months. There is always a festival! Oh, and let’s not forget the Aurora Borealis aka Northern Lights.

So, is it light all the time? No, but close! At the Summer Solstice we get approximately 19 hours of daylight. Alaskans make hay while the sun is up, and it isn’t uncommon to hear lawn mowers at 11:00pm and whiff the smells of a midnight BBQ. The activities outdoors are endless as everything turns green and is opened for business! Glacier cruises, flight seeing, hiking, wildlife…its everywhere!

And what about Spring and Fall? The forgotten seasons of Alaska. Although short, our spring is called “break-up.” This is when the frozen earth begins to melt, exposing the vast landscape that is yearning to be explored again. It is a wonderful time of year to visit. Fall is beautiful with the deciduous trees showing all their colors. About 1,500 moose call the city “home” and it isn’t uncommon at any time of the year to see one meandering about, but in the Fall the males are in rut, and joust with their antlers to win the attention of a mate. Quite a site to see!

So, Alaska is dark, and it is light and all the shades in between. No matter the time of year, there is always something to see.

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